You must have heard a thousand times about the Ñ5Pî, but is it clear enough what it is? And if we know the theory how can we apply it efficiently? Is there any of the 5Ps more important than the other one? If yes, which one of the 5Ps should we concentrate on?

An inter-active seminar, based on a good balance of theory and practical exemples which wants to make the 5Ps and their links clearer.

We will not obtain extraordinary results with a very good product, if this is not well promoted and if the message regarding our productís advantages do not reach the final consumer. Still, is it enough? Of course, it is not. We will discuss about many links among the 5Ps so that each detail is considered when you launch a new products or when you review the 5Ps of your company.

With an experience of more than 20 years in administration of the 5Ps we are ready to let you have access to our knowledge. We can be useful, Just let us prove!