For about three months, everybody admits that engines are idle, and we all dream about days off or live (again),in front of the computer, the sensation of the peaceful days on the sea beach or on the top of the mountain.

At the same time, clients, even if they are also on holidays, have needs which can sustain or develop the business within the very three months of holiday, and business partners and shareholders expect results without delay. The balance between the efficiency and hot summer is difficult to be maintained, although we hardly breathe due to the hot days, nobody must feel the idle rhythm. Each summer is the same, we are already used, but before saying “that’s it!” we would propose few simple ideas to help you with keeping the necessary standards.

  • We have to make sure that we have enough resources, by:

Careful planning of the holidays and foresee the possible medical leaves

It is important to calculate in detail the resources needed to develop our activity under good circumstances and to leave room for unexpected situations. Attentive planning of the days off, even if an activity which may seem without any impact on business, it is the only one allowing an efficient flow and insure a comfortable climate at team level.

 Using resources from other teams, in exceptional cases

 During holiday period, the whole company must be prepared to cover the peaks in different departments; it is recommended to have a “resource reserve” at company level to insure an efficient sustaining flow. For this organizational culture is very important, it can determine the manager accept the acute need in a different department and to feel the responsibility to cover it. Being afraid that the ability to make available some resources when it is needed can be wrongly interpreted, many managers are tempted to deny that there is any reserve left in their department. This proves a managerial organization that needs immediate improvement.

Using mobile resources

Mobile team with permanent role can sustain different business area according to the necessities. On peaks temporary mobile teams can be created. This means to train few employees, depending on company necessities, to fulfill different tasks at the required standards. These persons can have a permanent position, but in the peak moment to fulfill other types of tasks according to the business needs. In other cases, these persons can have positions specific to mobile teams with diverse responsibilities and in the periods with less requirements they can insure training or coaching.

Also, using their wide general view they can be considered an important resource for increase efficiency projects and also they can help with improving methodology or working flow processes.

  • Prioritize the projects and insure the main flows continuity

In spite of limited resources, we must push the things forward. We cannot stubborn to believe in our maximum capacity of covering, so we should define exactly what must be treated as priority. Before holiday period it is recommended to clarify the responsibilities of each member of the team and mostly to announce who is the coordinator of the team while the manager is out of office. Delegation must be one of the most complex managerial tools; this is why it is often avoided. When this tool is not used it creates ambiguity, waiting moments and stocks which determine delays in production flow and diminish the results. In the crowded periods, it is a must to concentrate on the activities with clearly defined value added. It is important to list all important activities and projects with the highest impact on strategy, having in mind that the essential basis of all it is that the team should know its priorities and understand their value

It is also very important to establish the performance indicators on which basis the results will be analyzed and periodical objectives will be revised, so that the status and also development possibilities for next period can be determined.

Taking into account that the resources are limited, we must eliminate any waiting time for signatures and decisions. Never ending roads from one department to the other or to decisions making persons, long waiting for an answer to an e-mail multiply the time for solving some tasks, in most of the cases, extremely simple. Questions directly asked and quick decisions are the key when we want to get time and reduce the resources needed for one activity.

  • To make sure that the employees are implied in interesting projects

During holidays natural tendency of the employees remained at the office is to strongly “empathize” with their colleagues on the beach, thus implication mostly decreases, there are delays more often than in other periods and personal needs much more acute, that require urgent solving during job time. It is thus strongly recommended that the working atmosphere to be very energetic and to offer psychological comfort so that the employee may become caught by the activity and ready to enroll in diverse projects that capacitate them and determine them to achieve the job tasks.

Any tension may now become easily a frustration. It is not a period of major conflicts, but it is a period when people give up easily to what they must do focusing on personal interests, and “prolonged discussions to a coffee cup and a cigar” are always in the summer tendencies.

Holiday period is nice and most of the time it brings the necessary energy for the new crowded period to come. Still, a good manager must take a good listening to the holiday happenings of the members of his team in order to be able to find the answers of the difficult to explain behavior reactions. Stories are good opportunities for emotional approach, by them; you can find the way to dialogue or to understand easier the ones around you. Once the gate is opened, the shared stories should never be a subject to other collegial discussions, but you must come back to them– always positively- in your further conversations to ask about family members and to make connection to your own stories so that you can know each other better. This is the way to build valorous emotional and trustful bridges.

It is summer time for all of us, but not for business. Little details make the big differences, and the difference determines the place we occupy in your business field value hierarchy. “All To Know” has understood the importance of constant efficiency for a company and it is prepared to sustain you apply it by trainings in management, leadership, communication, time management, organization and efficiency. Please let us prove!

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