2012 was not easy at all, 2013 is announced to be even more challenging and accumulation of the pressure during all these difficult years triggers at organizational level, as it can be easily noticed, the worsening of the complexes, behavior modifications, unexpected reactions, faulty relationships.

We focus a lot on results, we make business strategies, we require efficiency insistently, but we miss seeing the center of all this, the only one able to assure the requirements for long term: man. The individual who gathers daily anxiety, tensions of the relationship with colleagues and superiors, future thoughts and acute need of survival to push the business forward according to the strategy designed by the management.

Individual preoccupations and values, understanding of the present business context, assuming direction of development and correct relationship are, all, essential to obtain results. Even if apparently everybody agrees, daily business obliges to push in the second plan our attention to organizational health, with its motivational, behavioral and relational components. We close our eyes to deviant behaviors, we let relational tensions to accumulate, we develop, without realizing, emotional frustration while dreaming to positive pressure and spectacular results.

In most of the business areas our actions’ results can be seen immediately, in human area results can be seen too late to be corrected and things may become incontrollable

Selection of the employees must be a permanent preoccupation of the company that wants success for long term. Also, there must be a permanent control that there are complementary profile within the team, to put together people who have as many common values as possible and to watch that individual values coincide with the organizational ones.

Not corresponding profiles, either badly correlated with business type or wrongly integrated in team, are, without no doubt, bearing organizational diseases. Common values, experience basis and perspective of analysis and understanding are, also, essential in obtaining a relational fundament. People with different values will never have common objectives, only superficial ones, on short period of time, determined by urgent needs without stable results, on long term.

Different values are a sure and constant source of tensions. Different perspectives of understanding coming exactly from different individual values, which are not aligned, arouse real storms, with maxim passionate aggressiveness. That’s why, we must understand individual values through with we can pull the leverages that triggers the actions we need to achieve organizational mission. To determine actions without considering individual values means to assume immediately the tensions that will generate conflicts.

Deviant behaviors must not be covered, but corrected or taken out of the company. Each bad behavior determines chain reactions: they may be closeness, totally non-reaction or frustration, answering reaction, even similar behavior transfer to other persons. Any of these it may be, each deviant behavior is a source of tension and conflict creating relations which in time degenerate into aggressiveness.

Relationships in the organization are very important, correct communication both vertically and horizontally have spectacular effects. In the same way, as already proved in practice, relational block are catastrophe for business both because of the backstage games and communication gas that determine waste of time and a lot of energy consumed on small evils and maintenance of the wounded vanity.

In a period when efficiency methodology are more and more looked for, when 6 Sigma training are more and more requested, it is time that managers understand that all this can be successful only when there is a healthy organizational basis, when we are sure that we promote real values and that colleagues relationships within the company create coherence and fluency in business.

Actual social and economic context emphasizes any tension; we can assure a climate proper for high performance, without investing big budgets, by careful selection, forming teams on the basis of well determined profiles, permanent dialogue with employees, knowing individual values and understanding perspective of the people we are working with, by positive conflict management.

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