Any New Year should determine each manager to allocate time to gather his/her thoughts, structure his/her plan, review the budgets and imagine new working hypothesis.
As everything starts from existing basis, to gather your thoughts means to analyze the results, the type and the measurement tools, the necessary follow up. Temptation to do new things is always high at the beginning of the year; still it is good not to go further before closing correctly the previous period. This is the reason for which we recommend to be sure that there are no things to continue before deciding the new ones. Please check what has not been said yet, what messages could make the difference and they have not been sent in the organization yet, what information missed from different hierarchical levels or what kind of subjects should be clarified. In order to have a year with better results, you should make sure that you have opened correctly the communication channels and you have launched the messages according to the organizational, economical and competition context.

Efficient Internal Communication needs an overview on the previous period by the means of the messages that should get to the employee not by mails and speeches full of figures and information, but through careful analysis made by sincere dialogue and specific explanations according to the understanding level. We recommend the dialogue between the top management (supported by the specialized members HR /Internal Communication Director) with groups formed by maximum 15 persons. It would be ideal that the groups should be from the same department (for large ones) or departmental mix, where it is the case, approaching important subjects, but also less corporate once, but with great impact at department or individual level (for example: working program, dress code, access to different working tools and systems).

This type of meetings last approximately 2 hours and their main objectives are: hot organizational/department subjectsí clarification, establishing general trends for further period, taking out latent tensions or already visible, but mostly transferring emotional and animation messages.

An important role for internal communication is establishing objectives at company level and their delivery within the company by the means of department and individual objectives.

Also, an important role for internal communication at the beginning of the year is played by establishing the objectives at companyís level and transferring them into organization by the means of department and individual objectives. Thus it is essential to make sure that corporate objectives can be found in department objectives and also they should be determined, transmitted and assessed at individual level. This is recommended to be done once with annual evaluation, if annual evaluation is programmed at the beginning of the year. It can also be done through a separate discussion to review the priorities. It is important that each employee should receive an individual message regarding the objectives he/she will fight for during 2011 understanding which is individual contribution to the common objectives established at corporate level. Objectives should not be loaded with too many words or figures, but they should be determined in clear actions and figures, with strict deadlines.
Assessment process, generally placed at the beginning of the year, is a wonderful dialogue opportunity between managers and each employee. Please do not forget to review both achievements and failures (make sure that you have registered enough details and arguments), but focus on the New Year plans and the way the objectives should be touched. Please look for the potential in each employee and concentrate your attention on the areas that can be developed, donít forget to talk about them to the person itself so that he/she may be aware of them and to be sure that you, as a manager, give him enough attention and support.
The projects to be developed over the year should be well structured and rescheduled so that people are not too loaded and to be well correlated with the business. Now is the best moment to settle your objectives on internal communication, also: launching projects, analyze type and timing for teasing, check that communication forms are in line with business ones, design the animation plan.

An important aspect to be reviewed is type of meetings, their structure and their duration. It is known that meetings are usually very useful, but only when they express concrete things, without useless details and when they finalize with clear and trustful decisions and deadlines. Meetings are wonderful internal communication tools, but they must be intelligently split and structured according to the business needs. It is crucial that your managers should give no more than 20% out of their weekly working time to any type of meetings. Any higher percentage expresses an agenda full of details and less concrete objectives and it has as immediate consequences slower rhythm of working and reduced efficiency.

Internal communication is a managerial tool and an organizational ìmustî. The more open we succeed to keep the dialogue with each structure; more fluid will be the managerial messages and higher chances to be treated with trust and respect. If we succeed in communicating closer to our colleagues understanding we will stand real chances to achieve more ambitious business objectives.

We can offer more details through our training programs in: ìInternal Communicationî, ìDevelopment of individual and team communication abilitiesî; ìImpact Message. You can say whatever you want; but when, to whom and how you shouldî, ìCommunication with impact on salesî, ìPublic Speakingî. Also, we do recommend ìCommunication Moduleî containing all the necessary stages to transmit correctly, coherently and with impact the messages that trigger good energies and open dialoguesî

We are ready to offer counseling specific to your type of organization and business on internal communication and organizational dialogue subjects. For any further information, please see the presentation pages of our company, ìAll To Knowî. Our team can add value to your projects, JUST LET US PROVE!

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