The period we are crossing brings a lot of tension, either from the job or from home; our children have higher requests which are more difficult to be fulfilled, wives and husbands are more worried because of different fears that are piled on their shoulders, bosses are more nervous because of higher and higher pressure of even bigger bosses. All this must be spilled somewhere, unfortunately it does happen in the areas of psychological comfort where we may “explode”, home or at the job. This thing determines deteriorated relationships and latent conflicts if not conflicts already transformed into wars, always with tough consequences for communication and team spirit.

This is the period when thrusters climb very fast, as they feel the opportunity, and the ones that deserve waste their chances because of their anguishes of any kind that grind them and orient them to non-business details. The most of them are aware of this, but they are obligated to invest more time and energy in the personal side, but feeling the frustration that they have not been understood and being resigned that anyway they wouldn’t have been the chosen ones.

What can be done by a personal development workshop?

A good workshop can rebalance the emotional status of the participants, to reorient priorities and eliminate individual tensions, to resize inter-human relationship and to determine the individual to accept reality and feel adapted to the context


What is the meaning of personal development training?

The main objective is that each individual to redefine his own relation with himself/herself, to appreciate his/her value and his/her real role in the “big picture”. This makes us stay in front of the mirror with ourselves and with others’ perspective of ourselves and to look carefully to ourselves up to the moment of rediscovering us. We will be able to rebalance our weak and strong points, giving us value and also being aware, without complexes, of our needs for developing.

How can we transfer the results of a workshop with individual focus into business efficiency?

An emotional balanced person can concentrate easier on daily tasks, just a stable personality can be creative in business (otherwise his/her creativity and intuition are stimulated in personal area), a person who is prepared for the environment he/she lives in can be connected to the context without tensions and can communicate efficiently and empathically. In this case, we can believe in our employee’s power to participate actively to the company development and we are right to expect touchable and immediate results.




Who should participate at this workshop of personal development sustained by the company?


The workshop is a promising investment for any person who wants more from herself, but it is a must for those who have key positions or have been identified with career development potential. Nevertheless, the workshop brings a considerable plus also for those who seem to understand themselves well enough and have no more things to add regarding the own ego as it opens new approaching perspectives.

The priority for the company are those who administrate human relationships or coordinators (sales, human resources, customer care, collection, management positions) as they have the power to resettle inter-human relationships, to reestablish organizational communication standards.


The well balanced persons, with self understanding and clear values about themselves and the other persons they get in contact with are the ones you can rely on, they are those who can establish correct relationship on long term succeeding to determine opportunities to take more responsibilities, appreciating the others’ effort and contributing to the others’ development.


How long is a personal development workshop?

It is designed for 2 days and it is followed by an individual coaching period (offered free of charge for 3 months by All To Know)



The workshop has an individual part and a group part. The groups are structured according the personality types, but also depending on the already defined needs of the company. Thus, the groups can join persons who often get in contact, persons who don’t know each other, but have a lot of phone or mail communication, persons where latent conflicts have been identified, persons who have different typologies to coordinate and need immediate adaptation to each of them. Also, the workshop can identify one person’s abilities to establish new relationships and to adapt to new contexts if any organizational modification could appear or new appointments in management positions.


The personal development workshop cannot substitute a professional & well targeted team building, but it can be an appreciated adjuvant that helps with establishing efficient relationships, correct communication and healthy and comfortable job context.


Personal development workshops must contain an analysis done by the trainer regarding participants’ typology, types of existing relationships, opinions regarding personal abilities to develop and management potential. It should also have recommendation for optimal mode of building relationship structures and proposals for the best approaching of the development program of the employees with potential implied in the program.


The workshops recommended by « All To Know » in this field are: « I am important! A Workshop which can help you adapt easier to the environment.” (It is useful to consult the module of “Individual Development”, link….; “Personality and type of approaching in the team” (please see “Team Development” module, link….); Communication Module, link….




Also, « All To Know » together with you can build individual or team projects regarding communication and inter-personal or group relationship by which we can succeed in getting out tensions of overloaded contexts or to give new meanings to some processes that have not been well communicated or integrated. We will be able, by all this, to engage personal energies of your employees in the common effort of developing your company. We know how, just let us prove!

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