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November 2016


Influence and Control

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We are permanently attacked by thousand of stimulus that determine an automatic response reaction, we act according to the mechanisms that we don’t understand and with which we are not always in consensus, but it is very difficult to control our own behaviours. At the same time, we would like to have impact on other people, to be able to trigger resorts that determine results in the behaviour of the people around us, both in private and professional life. Read More


Why personal development training is useful to increase business efficiency?

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The period we are crossing brings a lot of tension, either from the job or from home; our children have higher requests which are more difficult to be fulfilled, wives and husbands are more worried because of different fears that are piled on their shoulders, bosses are more nervous because of higher and higher pressure of even bigger bosses. All this must be spilled somewhere, unfortunately it does happen in the areas of psychological comfort where we may “explode”, home or at the job. This thing determines deteriorated relationships and latent conflicts if not conflicts already transformed into wars, always with tough consequences for communication and team spirit. Read More