Would you like to assure the fact that your managers have common standards regarding performance evaluation? Would you like to assure that at the level of each position the tasks are done respecting the same standards? Would you like to assure an uniformed training, according to the real needs of each position? Would you like to offer fair salary packages at the level of each position?

If your answer is yes, then the first step to be taken is to settle occupational standards for each type of position in your company.

In order to assure the quality and usefulness of occupational standards, All To Know offers you consultancy in:

  • Elaboration of occupational standards (occupational analysis, standard, qualification)
  • Assessment of the competencies according to occupational standards
  • Job description elaboration, according to occupational standards, implementing performance indicators for each type of function
  • Occupational chart at company level

Also, All To Know can support:

  • Introduction of the occupational standards in COR
  • Establishing assessment center of professional competencies

By getting a careful, competent assessment, you would be able to have:

  • A clear image of each employee’s competency
  • A clear image on training needs
  • A clear image on salary scheme to be granted according to the competencies
  • A back up plan for each employee
  • A development plan for needed competencies

Our team can add value to your team, JUST LET US PROVE!

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