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May 2017

Open workshop: Personal Development Plan (PDP) – Design & Implementation

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This is the workshop where you succeed in building, communicating and implementing a complete and useful PDP.

You will get the key to efficiently design and implement it, by personal motivation and engagement. You will know how to interpret results feeling responsible for your people’s future.

Main topics:

Create proper context

  • Assessing our people’s needs
  • Stimulate motivation and trigger engagement
  • Self-leadership & self-responsibility

Design and Communication

  • Prepare and design an efficient PDP
  • Build a PDP adapted to each individual and the organization
  • PDP Communication and personal engagement

Implementation and Results follow up

  • PDP implementation steps
  • Feedback and periodical adjustments
  • Coaching and support
  • Monitor and communicate results
  • Mobility and succession planning decisions

Open workshop, dedicated to managers and HR specialists, on the 9th of June 2017.

Participation will be allowed on an access package, before the 20th of May the special price is  300 ron/person, after this date, package price will become 450 ron/person.

For details and registration, please contact us at: