All To Know is a real passion to dress up people with positive emotions and useful ideas coming to life.

After more than 20 years of activity in banking, financial services, pharmaceutical industry and BPO/SSC, especially in HR management, communication, business process management, but also in purchase, logistics or internal control, gathering interesting stories about organizations, people, relationships and processes, I have built All To Know as a source of energy and learning.

I am Alexandra Olteanu and I have gathered more than 22 years in different corporations, to whom I would really like to thank for having taught me everything I needed to be prepared, together with the team I am working with, to bring experience, expertise and dedication to generate willingness to know more and power to implement.


Main project I have coordinated in HR and Internal Communication:

Recruitment with high volumes in different industries with complex and niche profiles:

  • Banking – over 200 new positions/year
  • Card Avantaj project – Credit Europe Bank – over 200 new employees
  • Financial Services – over 200 new positions/year
  • BRD Finance – starting from the 1st employee up to almost 800 in 4 years
  • BPO/SSC – over 300 new positions/year
  • Societe Generale European Business Services – from 100 to 900 employees in 3 years

Organizational Restructuring

  • Credit Agricole (Emporiki Bank) – create national network, develop new internal structures
  • BRD Finance – create and develop internal structures and national sales network, organizational restructuring, important downsizing during crisis, transformation of organizational flows through 6 sigma projects
  • Societe Generale European Business Services – create new organizational structures, adding new Shared Service Centers; reorganize the existing ones – development of the new structures
  • Create HR structures, implement procedures and policies, form HRBP structure and position them as real business partners, implement and monitor HR KPIs

Organizational Culture and Communication

  • Employees Value Proposition
  • Internal focus groups
  • Town halls & Strategy seminars – events with up to 1000 participants
  • Visual Management Implementation
  • Build and maintain employer branding campaigns
  • Design, communicate and implement complex C&B programs
  • Job Gridding & Competency Mapping (design, communicate and implement)
  • Lunch and Learn; Coffee with my CEO/COO
  • Internal Coaching Pool – a program dedicated to employees with good potential for coaching in order to create an internal coaching pool able to sustain internal projects in terms of performance and proper relationships
  • Leadership Model – Group values communication projects, correlated with corresponding behavior and proper integration at employees’ level
  • Service Culture – project supporting behavior transformation in the sense of quality services for the clients and a balanced answer both at clients and employees’ needs

Team animation

  • Talk Show Organizational – program dedicated to internal dialogue
  • News broadcasting with main events during the year, prepared together with the employees
  • Ads and video clips regarding activity and people in each department
  • Teambuilding with teams up to 400 people
  • Best practice sharing programs at company level

Learning & Development

  • Professionals Academya program dedicated to the employees with good potential in order to know better the activities in different business areas and to be exposed and create business relationships with the managers in different departments
  • Management Academy – a program built on 4 level of managerial training (from employees with good potential not yet managers, to top management)
  • Performance Coaching – a program dedicated to sales, call center, back office and collection teams in order to ensure internal coaching for better results
  • Mentoring & Reverse mentoring – program dedicated to senior people who can support younger colleagues development and programs dedicated to young people who have specific skills (mostly digital ones) supporting update for more senior colleagues
  • On the job training – program dedicated to better know the company, expose people with good potential and ensure succession planning and individual development plans
  • Co-development – best practice sharing in a dedicated environment in order to learn from one another and reinforce the information received in the workshops or trainings