The Latin « Ad Rem » is translated into English as “on the topic, “without beating about the bush”, exactly how Communication module, we are proposing to you under this name, has been built.

« Ad Rem » experiences different communication forms and reveals the most proper approach, according to the transmitter typology, general communication context and receiver’s expectations.

90% of the training is practical experience, exercises with the basis in psychology and theatre, focusing on one-to-one communication and average size groups, up to 30 persons. For communication to larger groups, we recommend “All To Know” program, specialized in this type of communication, “Public Speaking”, details on site

The goal of “Ad Rem” is that each participant succeeds in communicating clearly and without blocking points, determining a flow of information adapted to contextual necessities and recognize and respect common expectation horizon (transmitter-receiver).

When finalizing the training, we can assure:

  • Better self awareness, understanding own potential and limitations
  • Better knowledge of avoiding techniques regarding bottle necks and compensating elements
  • Recognizing communication needs and adapting the flow of information transmitting style
  • Familiarity with non-verbal patterns and development of capacity to express the empathy

« All To Know » is prepared to offer free of charge consultancy for two months, upon participants’ request.

We are sure that “Ad Rem” is not just a possibility to exercise communication in its diverse forms, even more it is a wonderful opportunity of personal development whose added value can be easily noticed. “All To Know” owns everything needed to support the development of communication competencies and we are prepared to exceed your expectations from such a program, JUST LET US PROVE!