What does it mean? What does this concept represent? How important is the market image? How is this built? And, mostly, how can it be maintained? How much does the company image cost? Is it an intrinsec value? How should we do re-branding? Which are the benefits and the risks?

These are the questions of each marketing specialist and also of each manager. We would like to help in finding the answer. A seminar addressing to marketing specialist, but also to decision persons in a company. We can deliver Ñgood equipmentî for you to assess yourself the value of your company image and even to increase this value or to know if re-branding is necessary or not. We will detail the for and against of a re-branding company, we will share experience so that you may assess correctly the benefits and risks coming with the actions.

In our activity, we have assessed companiesí images many times and we have got through Çre-brandingî, we we can offer you our experience and knowledge. We can be useful, just let us prove!