How can you value more the good potential? How can we give expertise to those who need it in the most attractive way? What is a performance coaching process? Who can be a coach from the team and what should he/she know to do it? When can coaching help? How can you measure the results?

There are situations when you can rely 100% on internal team, you must get the maximum from what you have and add something more; there projects that must work, no matter what; these are the situations in which coaching can be of great help. Well organized coaching programs can put together efforts and get out solutions that can prove miracles.

The workshop we propose covers enough information to start an internal performance couching process; to train good coaches, able to support internal processes. You can build the basis for a healthy dialogue so that the message sent brings energy to succeed.


  • Understand performance coaching principles and find the most proper way to implement it
  • Understand and implement the steps and the tools
  • Identify the coaching best profiles and establish eligibility criteria
  • Establish the KPIs
  • Establish communication plan
  • Analyze and follow up of the KPIs


  • Introduce basic notions
  • Experience the main principles and analyze the best practices used in similar industries
  • Standardize the main principles for different types of projects
  • Establish the basic profiles (eligibility criteria: coach/coachee)

Follow up:

  • Individual & team feedback
  • Coaching in the pocket for 4 weeks after the workshop
  • Follow up in individual and team coaching sessions at 30 and 60 days after the workshop
  • Individual and team recommendation

We have clear example of efficient programs in sales, call center, back office or support teams – purchase and administrative, human resources, communications departments; different schemes with maximum functionalities that can be adapted to different contexts.

We have experienced coaching in important projects; we have results and analyzed the details that make the difference. We would like to share it with you. Please let us prove!