In order to have a clear image of the organizational present and future, competency mapping is a must have tool, including future plans and competencies that need to be created/developed.

Competency mapping leaves from standard profile, specific to any type of job, analyzes organizational specifics so that it may establish the standard basis and specific differences for any type of job and each type of organizational pyramid. Analysis must contain both necessary competencies, the existent ones, but not used in the actual business moment. It is created an existing competency archive, that can be or could be used anytime, supporting this way to develop healthy career paths, facilitate internal mobilities, correlate learning & coaching programs, but also planning coherent HR strategies regarding learning and development, succession planning, key position identification, development programs for good potential people.


  • Understand the main principles of competencies analysis
  • Establish the standard profiles for each level in the organizational pyramid
  • Recognize the competencies (certified or not)
  • Retain the competencies not yet used
  • Motivate actual competencies development
  • Elaborate the individual development plans


  • Analysis of the competencies types and introduces best practices
  • Establish standard profiles
  • Experience different tests in order to recognize the competencies
  • Establish working procedure for succession planning
  • Introduce motivational stimulation
  • Establish healthy retention policies taking into account the organizational dynamic and business typology
  • Elaborate and communicate individual development plans

Follow up:

  • Individual & team feedback
  • Coaching in the pocket for 4 weeks after the workshop
  • Follow up in individual and team coaching sessions at 30 and 60 days after the workshop
  • Analyze basic competencies at team level and individual development plans
  • Analyze the means to retain the people with key competencies and development potential

Individual and team recommendation

We have implemented with excellent results processes of competencies analysis, we have elaborated complex development and retention plans for specific competencies, we have stimulated people to develop and remain in the healthy companies, we can design the human present and the future of your business. Please let us prove!