All To Know is ready to present you experts with over 20 years of experience and successful results in the following areas, and not only:

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing si PR
  • Project Management
  • Communication & Employer Branding
  • Data Warehouse Management

Human Resources

Elaboration of main HR processes and policies that can ensure the basis for a proper organizational strategy

  • Recruitment
  • Evaluation (implementation of the process, design and process update)
  • Promotion and internal mobilities
  • Talents and key resources policy
  • Key positions and succession planning
  • Restructuring, reorganization, developing or downsizing the activity
  • Retain and loyalty programs
  • Communication and employer branding
  • Exit policy

Establish HR KPIs and their correlation with business KPIs

  • Establish HR KPI at organizational level
  • Ensure coherent understanding at HR level
  • Communication and validation of the HR KPIs with the department managers
  • Establish the target for each KPI and develop managers’ responsibility
  • Establish main methods to reach the target
  • Analyze best practices and select the most proper ones for the business type
  • Periodical analysis of the KPIs established and review of the methods to reach the target

Employee Value Proposition

  • Analysis of the business context
  • Analysis of the employees needs
  • Analysis of the social environment and benchmarks
  • Design of the EVP
  • Communication at company level
  • Implementation
  • Communication as employer branding tool

Competency Mapping & Knowledge Management

  • Analysis of job profiles at each level of the organizational pyramid
  • Establish standard profiles for each level in the organization
  • Establish levels in the organizational pyramid
  • Competency analysis at each level and correlation with jobs matrix
  • Establish criteria for internal mobility
  • Correlation with development steps from one level to the other
  • Structure and elaboration of the main development plans
  • Establish target pyramid according to the business development strategy
  • Communication at organizational level of the job matrix, organizational pyramid and development plans

Learning & Development Processes

  • Design and implementation of the training plan
  • Design and implementation of the complex training program
  • Individual development plan
  • Development plans for specific jobs categories
  • Analysis and feedback for specific competencies types
  • Alignment of main learning processes (induction, knowledge management processes on each field of activity, continuous improvement, programs dedicated to management development)
  • Efficiency gaining and performance coaching
  • Develop an internal coaching pool
  • Coaching for HR teams