To be leader and then manager requires, first of all, a specific attitude.

Which is this attitude and how can it be achieved? We will let you know within a training designed as a workshop in which you will be supported to discover yourself all that you need to know.

You will be the one who creates the rythm of your team. Which will be the rythm? Which is the most proper rythm for you? How can it be transferred to the team? When do you know that the team is prepared to accept your rythm? How and when do you know that it works well? How many concessions can you make? Which is the rebate from quality you can afford? These are just few questions you must have an answer, if you want…and we know that you do, to be a leader and mostly, if you want… and we know that you do, to become a manager.

A workshop based entirely on practical exercises and feedback. A workshop in which deep analysis of yourself and the othersí reactions will make you understand how important it is to be aware of each detail, it will make the difference.

It is something that we have understood in years of experience on managerial positions, please, let us prove!