We get the need of immediate results; we can understand the pressure of RIGHT NOW and we know that what we have obtained must last and produce long term effects.

Efficax is the Latin word for efficiency. By this program we propose you a concentrate of information by the means of which you can identify the fast methods suited to the business context to get to the valuable results, with minimum operational costs, fluent processes and proper communication plan.


Main benefits:


  • Development of internal competencies allowing continuous improvement
  • Increase of employees’ satisfaction
  • Business Development
  • Improvement of customers’ satisfaction



By “Efficax” you will simplify the flows and process allowing you to minimize the resources and to relocate them to areas needed for business development. Without any supplementary investments, you can reduce the costs by the means of fluid processes, with reduced waiting time, permanent attentive to voice of customer: a real win in volume and quality!


The program is a mix of consultancy and training by which “All To Know” will support you in the correct analysis of the specific business context, detailing essential processes and development lines, identifying representative KPI and targets. We will also recommend the type of governance adapted to the business needs and we will help you implementing it as soon as possible minimizing losses of any type and to succeed in changing the processes in the sense of the action plan established.


Even more, “All To Know” assures communication plan adapted to the change process decreasing imminent resistance and determining the acceptance and implication of the participants.


We have already experienced the effects of the implementation of such a program and we can confirm its added value, we make ourselves responsible for the results, JUST LET US PROVE!