You have always been a leader and you have also become a manager. You are a manager, but have you ever been a leader? Which is the difference between the two and when do you know that you can administrate properly the two areas? What should you do to keep the two areas in balance? How are you perceived by the others and how can you change their perception?

We will support you during the training session to find the suitable answers for you and the team you coordinate. We will practice the two roles so that at the end of our meeting to feel them natural. Our proposal will show you interesting aspects of the two areas and the perspective you can approach in the test stage so that it may become much easier in Ñliveî.

We will better understand how the above notions are linked by the life cycle of the team, its culture and its typology and they are influenced by potential leaders.

Also, we would propose you solutions to help approaching the informal leaders and the ones with negative influence, using their potential to achieve group objectives

We have identified and developed hunderds of managers, our experience will be of help. Just let us prove!