HR can be learnt step by step, less from the book and much more from experience.

HR is a passion materialized in day by day situations that can transform theory in an interesting story of whose characters can suddenly transform from beggars into princes and from good man to bad man. How can you be ready for less expected transformations? Where should you start from and how can you make the story last?

HR is the life spark of each business, it can put together souls that can create and develop „bodies” – organizations.

It is vital for each manager to HR basic notions, to understand the main principles and to know how to use the specific tools.


  • Identify the main HR principles and policies
  • Ensure coherence of HR policies and procedures
  • Alignment of HR approach at organizational level
  • Support managerial role and facilitate relationships at teams’ level


  • Introduce main policies and procedures
  • Establish and analyse specific HR KPIs
  • Analyze best practices used in similar industries
  • Experience the principles discussed in order to be easier assimilated
  • Support in organizational communication
  • Ensure coherent approach

Follow up:

  • Individual & team feedback
  • Coaching in the pocket for 4 weeks after the workshop
  • Follow up in individual and team coaching sessions at 30 and 60 days after the workshop
  • Individual and team recommendation
  • Analyze the KPI established according to the company culture and benchmark
  • Specific recommendation for HR and top management teams

After many years of various HR experiences, we come with clear notion, with simple strategies and complex information so that we may find the best solution for you project considering your company development moment, your activity, profile and profile mix needed to succeed.

We have started and developed companies, we have formed and maintained successful teams, we are now ready to bring to you everything we have learnt. Please let us prove