We are permanently attacked by thousand of stimulus that determine an automatic response reaction, we act according to the mechanisms that we don’t understand and with which we are not always in consensus, but it is very difficult to control our own behaviours. At the same time, we would like to have impact on other people, to be able to trigger resorts that determine results in the behaviour of the people around us, both in private and professional life.

What can help us with increasing our persuading power? What should we know in order to defend ourselves from influences that determine behaviours which are not in accordance with our real wishes? How can we have impact on others so that we may find solutions to our needs without being aggressive? Is it enough to know and understand or should I act in an educated way on psychological and emotional mechanisms so that I may determine wanted behaviours? How can I exercise my influence and control abilities?

These are part of the questions to be answered by the workshop proposed by All To Know dedicated to the influence and control, a practical workshop with exercises based on the specific information regarding human typologies, behaviours, intuition stimulation and understanding persuasion principles


A better self awareness and understanding of people around

Getting to know the mechanisms that determine the behaviors

Assimilation of the control tools

Practical exercises of intuition and control


Theoretical notions about persuading psychology

Specific tools for influence and control

Case studies

Role play

Team games that facilitate learning


Follow up :

60 days after finalizing the training

Detailed analysis and feedback for each person participating in the program

Individual and team recommendation

Ability to influence and control on our own behavior should become an art; All To Know can transform you in artists, just let us prove it.