In most of the organization on the top of hierarchical pyramid is the top management, in “lean” organization the clients and the business partners will always be on top, as these are the ones who define the value, create the request and pull the signals which determine the reasoning of being for each job. The next level of the pyramid is assigned to the employees who get in direct contact with clients and partners, as they can identify the best their needs and they can transmit them into the whole organization. The responsibility of the executive management is to define the organizational objectives and goals at the level of the teams and, whenever needed, at individual level. Management must eliminate the barriers, to stabilize the processes and sustain the employees in their development so that permanent improvement may be assumed.

The main principle of the lean organization is the respect for the people. Each person owns an unique collection of experience and potential and can bring a distinctive contribution. Cross-functional solving of the problems can be done only with a full respect of competencies and experience for each member in the team, at all organizational levels.

The training we are proposing touches the most important principles of the lean management through practice and maieutic methods which facilitate learning and sustain the interest. Lean Management is not only a two days training, but a real earning for organizational culture.

Target : middle and top management



  • To create proactive behaviour that relies on: objectives continuity, respect for people, continuous improvement
  • Discipline in identification and problem solving
  • Listening and understanding “Client Voice”
  • Task achieving without needing to come back in order to obtain a better “quality at source”
  • Awareness of the interdependent processes




  • Theoretical notions of lean management
  • Case studies
  • Role plays
  • Team plays that facilitate learning and awareness of the concepts introduced


Follow up :

  • At 60 days after finalizing the training
  • Analysis and detailed feedback for each person who participated at the training
  • Individual and team recommendation