Correct management of the resources can have miraculous results. We have experienced the process with all its details, it is not simple, but its benefits are beyond the effort.

Resource management starts each morning and must be done every day. It is a process that pays attention to each individual and to the whole company, being anchored in present and future at the same time

How can you know well enough each individual? How can you know that he is in the right place? Which are his future plans and how do they overlap with the ones of organizational development? How can you identify the right moment for adjustments and how can you invest efficiently in resource development according with the business potential and needs? When can a specialist become a manager? Why some specialists will never be managers? Which are efficient plans of integrated administration at company level?

These are complex questions, with quite simple answers.


  • Understanding the main principles of career development and succession planning
  • Coherent development of the organizational and personal development plans (PDP)
  • Efficient organization and correct planning of human resources
  • Approach alignment at organizational level


  • Common best practices and theoretical notions
  • Role play and team games that facilitate understanding and integration of the new notions
  • Practice of the new notions
  • Organizational profile analysis
  • Individual and team coaching

Follow up:

  • Individual and team feedback after the workshop
  • Coaching in the pocket for 4 weeks after the workshop
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Follow up in individual and team coaching after 30 and 60 days after the workshop
  • Individual and team recommendation

People management means to bring, administrate and retain, at the right cost, the talents that create value added for the company. We have analyzed carefully, noticed the differences and today we can let you know the most important success data. Let us prove!