What is the basis of a successful strategy? Why do some companies succeed under crisis circumstances and others fail? What makes them different? What kind of strategy do these companies adopt? How much of a company strategy depends on marketing? Is it always a difficult economical environment a reason for low results? Is there any key strategy to bring added value even in the difficult market conditions?

We offer you a seminar, which is addressed mostly to marketing specialists, in which we will present different marketing strategies applicable in different economical contexts. We can prove with concrete examples why some companies succeeded not only in surviving under difficult economical context, but even to find new income sources in order to increase and diversify the activity.

We can sustain your understanding in building a successful strategy and which are key elements to take care of when building a strategy for your company. Even more, we will discuss how a successful strategy on the paper can become a failure if it is not correctly followed up, analyzed and reviewed.

We can show how to do all this properly in order to be able to implement immediately successful marketing strategies.

After more than 20 years in management with an experience in diverse strategy regarding launching, developing, crisis, re-launching, we know we can be useful for you. Just let us prove!