Starting point of any sales team is well settled objectives. Are they clear? Are they the correct ones? Are they adapted to the context? How do we realize that the objective has to be updated? How do we realize that the objective does not function any more? How do we make ourselves sure that each memeber fo the team knows his objective and that this animates him/her.


Does the sales team have the proper manager? How can you recognize the sales team leader? Which is the most suited profile for your team? How do the member of the team react? Which is the internal resort of the team? How do company expectation are reflected at the team level?


How often do managers praise good performers? How much do you discuss about teamsí values? Have you already formed team culture? You must have the answers of all above questions and if we, together, are sure that the answers are clear we can discuss abuot incentives, their role and their structure.