What is performance and how is it born?

How much is talent and how much is effort in the extraordinary results? How do we stimulate the effort? How do we recognize the potential? How can we sustain it in order toreach performance? Who can guide our performance? What are the methods through which we can maintain high results for a longer period? How can we get over the difficult moment without losing focus on performance? How could we correlate efficiently the right attitude with attention on results? How do we stimulate implication and curiosity?

These questions have their answer in many years of research and practice, we have learnt, experienced and corroborated the newest techniques in high performance, so that we can bring to you all the details that can support the managerial effort in order to obtain and maintain performance.


  • Understanding basic principles
  • Unitary approach of the methods to sustain performance
  • Correct potential evaluation
  • Sustaining and maintaining performance
  • Correlation of the result focus with the winning attitude


  • Elaboration of a performance supporting guide
  • Experience different methods to maintain performance
  • Case study and role play
  • Impact analysis of different approaches in order to stimulate performance

Follow up:

  • Individual & team feedback
  • Coaching in the pocket for 4 weeks after the workshop
  • Follow up in individual and team coaching sessions at 30 and 60 days after the workshop
  • Individual and team recommendation