Sales approaching from different perspectives, together with a good understanding of yourself and human typology, can define your commercial formation

The steps we recommend for your formation start with a better understanding of yourself and the people around you, good communication skills, building and developing sales teams, management of corporate and physical clients. We will build together the best integrated solutions, according the below modules or adapted to your needs, completing it with counselling and couching on your specific profile.

Stage I

I am important! A Workshop to Develop Joy of Yourself!
Personality and Team Approach

Stage II

Communication with impact
Development of Sales & Negocitaion Abilities

Stage III

Sales Team Motivation
Coaching in Sales Team

Stage IV

Free of charge counselling during 3 months in any sales project and HR

The module lasts 3 months with one training at each 2 weeks according to the stages described above and it is followed by specific counselling, analysis and proposals for projects regarding sales team management and human resources management. You can benefit of special prices!!!