The module we recommend will go through the necessary information to build a strong team starting from a good understanding of all the members and the resorts that can stimulate the energies triggering success.

We will analyze skills zone, profiles and types of teams trying to find out what kind of managerial style suits to a certain team and in what development moment. We will analyze the life cycle of a team anticipating its typical forms of behaviour so that it may become easy for you to recognize them and to use the proper medicine.

Are you the manager or the leader of your team? What kind of management styles are proper for what kind of team? Which are the most proper motivation forms? We can make you sure that getting through the stages recommended by us below, you can have the right answers.

Stage I

Development of individual abilities in leadership & management
Team Dynamics

Stage II

Styles of Management & types of teams
Coaching: a tool to increase efficiency

Stage III

From leader to manager
Team motivation, types of incentives

Stage IV

Free of charge counselling during 3 months for any project of efficiency, organization and structuring within the company