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  • Teambuilding with small and large teams (up to 400)
  • Indoor & Outdoor

We have the experience of the quality teambuilding, when, before everything, it is important to create real relationships, trust in the ones that lead the team and to sustain the company big picture.

We propose simple solutions when people have the time to understand who they are and what they can become if they choose to stay together. We build subtle complex contexts and challenge creativity and release positive individual energies in the collector account of the company for the benefit of all its members.

The events we are creating for you contain team games through which people succeed in knowing each other without a mask, even if sometimes they play as actors, understanding common objectives, even if sometimes they need to achieve individual tasks, exercising fair play and look for friendship instead of simple colleagues. The most important goal is to place, beyond competition, the power to share success.
One of the most important corporations theoreticians used to say that:

Organizations are like cars, they can go alone only down the hill”. To change the direction, many managers choose to invest in many fields, but the real change will come from the people. The issue or the success lies in people, in the way they understand to be together, to listen and trust each other and in the way they are looking for solutions.

We create teambuilding as the chance to build trust, as the source to discover potential and demonstrate the talents.
The teambuilding we are designing will definitely get the form of your objectives and it will lead people in the direction you propose.

The teambuilding we are facilitating has solutions for efficient communication, for people to become friends, for teams to win. We have seen the results and we are glad to share success. Please let us prove!

The design of the teambuilding programs is 100% tailor made according to the business needs.

Golden Seed

Main Theme:

The legend says that a miraculous seed was lost exactly in this area. Your team is really lucky to be so close of this place. If we can find this seed, it can bring a wonderful gift for the team.

Exercise steps:

  1. Identify the miraculous seed – treasure hung
  2. Discover special powers – getting aware of how the team can be and team communication
  3. Maintain the value – exercise strategy and trust


  • Cooperation
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Exercise tolerance and change management
  • Exposure to different challenges and awareness to the common goal

I am (the name of the company)

Main theme:

Determine in a graphic/physic method the way each member represents company image and their own contribution to the team

Graphical/physical representation of each structure of the organization the links between them.

 Exercise steps:

  1. Get aware of each person role and importance at the team level
  2. Get aware of each department role at the company level
  3. Represent the image of the organization in a metaphorical form easy to be remembered


  • Share different perception regarding team realities
  • Communication of the individual and team values and expectations
  • Awareness of the possible tacit tensions
  • Create a team image, a representation with an important emotional impact

I Know I can

Main theme:

Stimulate self trust and also trust in the team capacity to get over barriers and dare more.

Exercise Steps:

  1. Awareness of the self potential
  2. Awareness of the team potential
  3. Identify possible barriers and the way to get over them
  4. Stimulate desire to support team potential
  5. Create a survival kit that support self control, trust and constructive feedback


  • Unblock possible perceptions that create dysfunctional relationship
  • Develop a positive mindset – focus on support and coaching
  • Develop team cohesion

It is your turn!

Social responsibility and engagement

Each team will sustain a social responsibility objective relying on each individual. Each team will need to get over the challenges in order to win more funds, so that they contribute to a greater contribution started by the company.

 Exercise steps:

  1. Stimulate personal engagement and individual responsibility
  2. Develop team responsibility
  3. Awareness of groups links that can increase team potential
  4. Exercise win-win mindset


  • Develop collective responsibility
  • Exercise entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial abilities
  • Increase team energy and develop individual maturity
  • Develop flexible mentality and team spirit

Do your day!

Main theme:

Each team chooses and is responsible for the activities it prefers. The obligo is to make sure that at least 3 of the objectives announced for the teambuilding are respected and at least half, plus 1, of the team members agree to perform the activities.

Exercises steps:

  1. Chose the activities or propose some new ones respecting the preferences of the majority
  2. Ensure that the obligos are respected: using the resources given, overcoming the challenges proposed to the team
  3. Get a proof for the fact the activity performed respected the teambuilding       objectives, validation of the other teams participating in the teambuilding


  • Increase individual and collective responsibility
  • Develop creativity
  • Focus on results
  • Develop tolerance and enrollment in the group dynamic

View Points

Main theme:

Collective dance, minimal rules, personal creativity and impulse permanently connected to the basic theme and collective way to express it

Animate individual and collective energies and engagement

Exercise Steps:

  1. Understand basic principles and get ready to collaborate
  2. Accept exposure and give up the individual daily shield
  3. Connection to the others
  4. Exercise trust and focus on others
  5. Create, without speaking, a collective dance with an important emotional impact


  • Develop collective connectivity and responsibility
  • Focus on results, attention on HOW
  • Concentrate on self connected to the others
  • Develop tolerance and adapting abilities
  • Develop cooperation and balance the competing spirit