Visual management has as basis the implementation of the 5S not only because they bring a plus of order in activity, but mostly because the 5S increase the awareness of the business processes, identify the “wasting” sources and improvement opportunities.

Once 5S implemented, the next step is showing the relevant information that must be known and shared at team level, without being needed to be specifically requested.

The important elements in visual management are: proximity (to locate the information provider close to those who need the information) and complexity (the quantity and quality of the information communicated).

It is obligatory to create a “standard work” that facilitates rapid identification of the elements and conditions that are out of the standards and that waste the resources and don’t bring any value.

People need to know how it is measured what they do and the impact of the individual and team actions in order to maintain and improve the standards that is why they need permanent and in real time access to the information. It is important to know what type of information we must provide, where, when and how it must be communicated so that it may have a positive impact and determine continuous improvement. This is exactly the theme of the training “All To Know” is preparing for you.

Objectives :

  • Better stability and predictability of the processes
  • Assuming success and failure at individual and team level
  • Stimulation of the belonging feeling and awareness of the individual role within the team
  • Better identification of the problems and solving opportunities
  • Better communication in the team
  • Smaller learning curb for new employees




  • Theoretical notions about visual management
  • Case study
  • Role playing
  • Team games to facilitate the learning and awareness of the new concepts




Follow up :

  • Follow up at 60 days after training finalizing
  • Detailed analysis and feedback for each person who participated at the training
  • Individual and team recommendation